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Learn how to green screen with easy to follow instructions tips and tricks. Follow our guides to easily set up a green screen, master different green screening methods, and find what you need to create great footage for your videos.

Easily edit layers in post production. Create greenscreening effects that make your video productions stand out! Follow our beginners guides plus Buyers Guides to help you choose the right techniques and equipment, plus much more.

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Creating green screen videos is a simple process and with basic knowledge of how the process works. Learn how to create great video content. Here on Green Screen Video Productions you’ll find information and equipment to create the perfect green screen videos.

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What Are Green Screens Used For?

The technique of green screening is created by filming a subject in front of a green screen. This green screen video footage can then be edited to remove the green colour from the footage leaving only the subject content.

With the use of layers a different background video or image can be placed behind the subject creating amazing effects.

This process made filming and video productions much easier for film makers. Early examples of this type of filming would be films such as Star Wars or Star Trek.

Film creators could video a space ship or character in front of a green screen, then remove the green content enabeling them to replace the background with a space scene.

The process of editing the video footage is called post production. Video edits can be made easily in modern times by using software such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro X or Premier Pro depending on your operating system.

These types of software allow you to layer your content which means you can place one piece of footage over another.

iMovie is my personal preference editing software and is also free for Mac Users. iMovie is easy to use which enables faster editing of clips.

When a video has been recorded with a green background. Simply place the green screen video footage on top of the background image or video layer, the software features will remove the green from your video.

YouTubers love green screening because it allows them to create awesome video content at home, commonly known as vlogging.

Businesses use green screening for marketing, advertising or webinars.

green screen video productions

Our beginners guide will help you to create video content, tips for creating amazing looking video projects. The buyers guides will help you determine what equipment is needed to achieve the best results for your green screen filming shoots.

Basic Equipment for Green Screening

  • Green Screen Backdrop
  • Support Stands
  • Lighting
  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Editing Software

When you are just starting and thinking of creating green screen footage for your projects, I recommend that you find a complete starter Kit that will have everything you need to record quality Chroma Key video footage. Starter kits are really good value and will save you money compared to buying all the parts individually.

Below are some excellent starter kits that I would recommend for home or small studio use.

Green Screen Video Starter Kits

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