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Top 10 Green Screen Backdrops 2020

Green Screen Backdrops come in all shapes and sizes so choosing the right green screen backdrop will save you problems setting up for a video shoot.

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What size green screen backdrops do I need?

Green Screen Backdrops Size

Firstly choosing the correct green screen backdrop for your needs is something that requires some consideration, most importantly establishing where you intend to video your footage is a key factor.

Greenscreening can by done almost anywhere and many beginners will simply set up a green screen at home which is perfectly fine for most scenarios including live streams.

You may be lucky enough to have a studio or a large area to record your green screen videos, in which case a larger backdrop would be a good investment, this will allow you to create much more movement from your subject.

Lets focus on backdrop size!

If you simply want to make presentation videos then a simple pop up green screen will more than likely be large enough to allow footage of your head, shoulders and upper half of your body.

To create much more dynamic content then you will require a larger backdrop to enable movement of you or an object being filmed.

Green Screen videos created at home will require you to establish where you can set up a green screen, for example if you were to set up a backdrop in your lounge or bedroom you should work out the dimensions of your room, this will establish what size backdrop you require.

If you only have a 5 foot width area to work in there would be no need for a green screen that is 12 foot wide.

My Top 10 Green Screen Backdrops

Do I Need to Use a Green Screen?

Green screens are the most common way of photography and video shooting but having said that the method of post production editing is simply to have the subject in front of a green backdrop.

The simple answer to the question is no the background to your photo or video shoot just requires a green backdrop.

Another method of creating green screen backdrops is Green Chroma Key paint, if you have a wall that can be painted to create your backdrop then you would simply stand in front of it when shooting your footage.

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I hope you found this article useful please leave a comment below I would love to hear from you in a Beginners or Professional capacity.

Green Screening Tips to Remember

Firstly before seting up your green screen for a filming shoot, think about the footage you want to create.

Setting up for a photo or video shoot will be much easier if you take the time to think about post production.

Importantly make sure that the footage you take is completely taken with the green screen in the background.

Full length video footage of a person requires that the screen is not only behind the subject but also drapes across the floor are below under the subjects feet.

Allowing for movement in a video will require a larger screen so that the subject moving does not move out of the green screen area making post production almost impossible to achieve results.

Take a couple of test shoots and review the footage to ensure you can obtain the footage required.

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