Best Green Screen for Streaming Live Stream

Best Green Screen for Streaming Live Stream

Gone are the days when you had to travel the world to click a photo or shoot a video in front of a desired background. With such a progression in the field of technology and photography, we have sufficient equipment to do this within seconds. Green Screen backdrops is a way of depicting fantasies of wonderland while posing around in your living room.

Live streaming can be achieved by using simple software such as OBS Studio available for Windows Linux and Mac computers. By having the best green screen for streaming live stream behind you will allow you to give professional looking streams, especially if your room is a little messy in the background!

The Chroma Key backdrop allows you to change the background virtually. They are of great benefit as you don’t need enormous budgets for adding panoramic, artistic effects into your video. With numerous companies presenting their greenscreens as the best one, buying a backdrop is not an easy task.

But, nothing to worry about because, after extensive research, we have compiled the three best chroma key green screens, that are also well known among the live stream community.

So check our picks for the best green screen for live streaming.

1. Lencarta Chromakey Green screen

Lencarta Chromakey Backdrop

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  • Heavy-duty two-layered muslin cloth.
  • Chroma coloured backdrop.
  • Light absorbing matt surface.
  • Crease free fabric.
  • Large 1.5 X 2 mtrs.
    Can be folded into ¾ of its original size.
  • Folded and opened within seconds.
  • Hanging Loops with metal O rings.
  • Zipped case for protection.
  • Maintenance free.

Lencarta and has been running successfully for some time. The brand is specialised in continuous lighting and photography. Their lighting kits, folding greenscreens, reflectors and light cubes are top preferences of bloggers, vloggers and photographers.

Talking about Life of Photo’s chroma key greenscreens, they are a great way of cutting out mess in the background of any footage. The screen is available at a very economical price and can last for years. It is created by a two-layered muslin cloth and chroma colours on each side which enhances durability and also helps obtain a completely transparent background.

The matt nature of the fabric absorbs the light, stopping it from getting reflections that indirectly affects the quality of the video.

The highlighting feature of this screen is its light weight and ‘Fold and Go function’. The screen can be folded down to a small size, hence very easy to transport and store.

The screen is not creased, even when the screen is folded for more extended periods. It can be cleaned using just an ordinary household cleaner. This is a fantastic product that is going to give the best value for its money.


  • The toughness of the fabric enhances durability.
  • Green and blue double-sided backdrop help in achieving a transparent background.
  • 100% muslin cloth makes a complete blackout material.
  • Matt surface absorbs light instead of reflecting it.
  • Holds its shape and is crease-free.
  • Easy to store and port.
  • Covers a huge part of the background due to the large screen size.
  • Cleaning is a breeze via a household detergent.


  • The stand is not included in the purchase.

2. Lastolite by Manfrotto Chromakey Greenscreen

Lastolite Chromakey Green Screen

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  • Rustproof framework.
  • Well stitched lasting fabric life.
  • Lightweight.
  • Matt surface.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • 4-metre wide background screen.
  • Crease free textile surface.
  • Fold and Go mechanism.

Lastolite by Manfrotto is a globally renowned company producing photography lighting control equipment. Manfrotto’s range is highly diverse and innovative. The range is full of photography products which gives users confidence. Their products are known for their top quality and durability. Lasolite’s chromakey greenscreen is a solid proof of the company’s quality claim.

The screen is extra wide and so, covers a vast area of the background. The secret behind Manfrotto’s greenscreen’s is the high endurance capacity with its 100% seamless muslin cloth composition.

Hence the surface is crease-free and matt, and absorbs light rays instead of bouncing them back. The aluminium framework keeps the screen rust-resistant and lightweight, making its transportation a breeze.

Apart from its widescreen size, a feature that is an attraction for any potential buyer is its assembling time. The screen does not require a support system; thus, setting it up is just a five-finger thing. It can be carried to outdoor or indoor shoots super easily. The purchase would certainly not leave you with regrets.


  • Huge size covers a greater area.
  • Well composed fabric enhances durability and aids in the absorption of light.
  • Can be folded without worrying about wrinkles.
  • Can be folded into a very portable size.
  • Not much time required for setting it up.
  • Can be collapsed for storage or transport.
  • Does not require background support.


  • Not available at a pocket-friendly price.
  • Available in only one size.
Lastolite Chromakey Panoramic Backdrop

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3. Lencarta Professional Videography Greenscreen

Lencarta Professional Green Screen

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  • Wrinkle-free vinyl surface.
  • Aluminium alloy framework.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to store and port.
  • Pull up design.
  • Versatile Green screen.
  • Locks at the adjusted position automatically.

Lencarta, a brand that is the head of several leading brands, itself is an amazing supplier of lighting products for photography. Their remarkable range includes products that help maintain the lighting, balance and contrast during filming.

It has been a top pick of professional photographers for years. The chroma key Green screen by Lencarta is also a top-selling product, and there are evident reasons for its fame.

The eye-striking feature for any photographer is its versatility. Green screen by Lencarata can be used for any type of filming, be it, gaming, blogging, interview or just a simple photo.

Apart from its multifaceted use, it is also a heavy-duty screen that is going to give the best returns for the value paid. The vinyl screen is not only sturdy but is also wrinkle-free, keeping the headache of steam ironing away.

Moreover, the aluminium framework gives it the necessary strength while maintaining the density, hence making its portability a breeze. Though it is lightweight, the screen does not become unstable and collapses, just because of the amazing locking feature.

The lock locks the screen at the adjusted position keeping it stable and upright. Besides, the pull-up design makes the setup easy and can be handled by just one person super easily. Lenacarta’s greenscreen is not only robust but would last for years of video and photography.


  • Can be packaged and stored without the worry of creases.
  • Vinyl is tough hence more robust.
  • Lightweight and rustproof frame.
  • Can be used for any type of filming. (blogging, films, games etc.)
  • Stands sturdy when placed.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Three different sizes are available.


  • Only available in one colour.

Best Green Screen for Streaming Live Stream Conclusion

All three green screens are amazing, manufactured by the best companies working in the field. They are equipped with the best features and available at a very reasonable price. One thing is for sure.

These screens are going to last for years, giving you the best value for your money. The chroma key screens would not leave you with regret. Decide on the best according to your budget and the features you wish to have when chosing the best green screen for streaming live stream.

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