Recording a Green Screen Presentation

Recording A Green Screen Presentation

Setting up the Green Screen

Setting up a green screen for recording a green screen presentation is basically achieved with the same methods for any other green screen video shoot.

green screen lighting set up

Points to remember with the set up is allow for movement of the presenter so that any arm movements don’t go out of camera shot or off the green backdrop area.

Make sure the presenter is not wearing any green clothing that would cause problems in post production of your footage.

Lighting should be set up correctly as with any other video shoot, try to set the lighting to correspond with any backgrounds you intend to use. To much light on the presenter may look strange if your background is a night time scene for example.

Always mark a spot on the floor where the presenter is going to stand, doing this will allow you to take breaks from any recordings but be able to resume shooting with exactly the same settings.

Decide how much of the presenter is needed in the shoot, If taking a full length body shoot it is necessary to have your green screen not only behind but also underneath the presenter.

Positioning the Camera for a Green Screen Presentation

Positioning your camera when recording a green screen presentation is important, keeping consistency in your footage will look more professional in post production.

Place your camera tripod directly in line with where your presenter is going to talk and mark the position of your mount (Tripod) on the floor, using some sticky tape will achieve this easily.

The reason for marking the position of the camera is that if the tripod gets knocked or moved in the middle of a shoot, it may not be possible to find the exact place it was mounted.

This could cause issues in post production making your presenter appear to suddenly move left, right, forward or back.

Should you require cut away shots you would need to have another camera mounted and a green screen to the side of the presenter, this is difficult to achieve with lighting being in the way of the shoot.

Another way to achieve this is simply work out what sentences you want the cutaways taken and turn your presenter to the side to record these clips separately.

Remembering Your Words when Video Presenting

Remembering all the words recording a green screen presentation is difficult, the easiest way to achieve this is to take shorter clips, it is difficult to record a full presentation in one video take.

Only move onto the next part of the presentation once you are happy with the footage you have.

Avoid em’s and ar’s in your speech as this does not sound good, keep taking video clips until you get a perfect part then move onto the next.

Also consider using a white board with any text you need the presenter to say, make sure this is located by the camera so it does not appear the presenter is not looking into camera.

An autocue teleprompter system could also be used to achieve this as used in professional film shooting, this method can be costly, although there are aps for iPads and Smartphone’s that can do this.

Recording The Presenter

When recording the presenter take a few practice clips and review the footage for video quality, camera position and sound.recording a presenter using green screen

Try to create a really inspiring intro speech, use the middle section to get your point across then end with thanking the viewer for watching, a presentation always looks bad when the video ends suddenly.

It may be necessary to adjust a microphone for better sound, a lapel microphone is a good choice for recording a green screen presentation, as the microphone on your camera might sound too far away.

Sound can be adjusted in post production but the better you can get your original footage the easier it will be to post edit using your software.

Make a work sheet for your recordings and tick them off as you go, importantly If you have background images and video clips to add to your presentation background, you need to know where your presenter needs to look, point or make gestures.

It would look silly if the presenter was pointing to a subject on the right but the focus point of the image was on the left!

Presenting video is popular on all sorts of platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to simply tell a story or to market products and services.

Working with Backgrounds

Choosing a background to add to your footage is important when recording a green screen presentation, a good background will really grab the attention of the viewer.

The background Photo or Video needs to be topic related to make the presentation engaging, It does not want to be too busy as this could distract any viewer from listening properly to the message you are trying to present.

If you have full topic related clips try adding them to your footage using transitions so that the viewer remains engaged with the presenters speech.

Importantly If you are using charts or talking about something in your background footage, make sure the topic you are talking about is going to be seen.

You may have a background image you want to use where the topic is on the right hand side of the image, so your presenter footage would need to be placed on the left.

Movement of the presenter can be achieved in post production.

The best way to do this is have your presenter talking about a subject that may be on the right of the background, then transition to a full image or clip and return back to the presenter via a transition where they can now be on the other side of your frame.

Recording A Green Screen Presentation Conclusion

Set up your green screen in the same way you would for other green screening, mark the position of your presenter and your camera tripod on the floor to ensure continuity.

Make notes of key points on a white board to make it easy for the presenter to keep on topic when talking.

Have a plan of what actions you need the presenter to do on certain clips for example point right or left.

Review footage for position, sound and quality before recording your shoot.

Take lots of shorter clips rather than trying to shoot it all the footage in one take.

Choose a topic related background to your presentation.

I hope you enjoy recording a green screen presentation and you found these tips useful.

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