Top 10 Best Photographic Studio Lighting

Top 10 Best Photographic Studio Lighting

Firstly lighting a subject is important to eliminate shadows and achieve a desired lighting effect on your photographic work area, choosing the best photographic studio lighting for your shoots will help you achieve your photographic or video scenes more simply.

See our top 10 best lighting choices for photography or video production in a studio or home photo and video creations.

Top 10 Studio Lighting Selection

Best Photographic Studio Lighting Our Top 10 Choices

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Photographic Studio Lighting Positives & Negatives


Lighting your subject will achieve great results when taking photos or shooting video.

Choosing the best photographic studio lighting is determined by the size of your studio and the lighting effect you need to create.

More powerful lighting will throw light further and are a great choice for larger photographic studios.

Smaller photographic or video studios including maybe using a spare room at home would not need powerful expensive lighting.

There are great starter kits available for setting up a small photo studio.


Smaller studios don’t allow for much movement if taking video footage.

Using lighting that is not powerful enough in large studios will not light your subject correctly.


Having the best photographic studio lighting will improve a photo or video shoot by eliminating shadows and highlighting the subject enabling a better keying when film editing in post-production.

Smaller studios or home studios have little space so lighting could be limited so less but more powerful lighting may be required.

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