chroma keying best tips for beginners

Chroma Keying Tips for Best Results

Table of Contents What is Chroma Keying? Chroma Keying is the process of creating video or effects by layering two elements together to achieve visual effects, this process is mainly used in video production, photography and post-production. Chroma colours most commonly used to achieve chroma keying are Blue and Green, the terms blue screening and […]

How many lights to light a green screen

How many lights to light a green screen?

Introduction Lighting a green screen correctly can help with the editing process of your footage in post-production. The most common question when green screening “how many lights to light a green screen?” well the answer to that is fairly straightforward. Depending on the location of your film shoot natural lighting can vary, the position of […]

Recording a Green Screen Presentation

Recording A Green Screen Presentation

Table of Contents Setting up the Green Screen Setting up a green screen for recording a green screen presentation is basically achieved with the same methods for any other green screen video shoot. Points to remember with the set up is allow for movement of the presenter so that any arm movements don’t go out […]

Green Screening Small Products or Objects

Green Screening Small Products or Objects

Table of Contents Firstly the green screening process can be used for many things including green screening small products or objects. This process is widely used to promote products or to create product advertisments that capture the imagination of potential buyers. Larger green screens in this situation are not practical as they take take some […]

setting up a green screen

Setting Up a Green Screen 10 Top Tips

Green Screening is an amazing way to create videos, but, green screening can be a challenging process if you are just starting out, setting up a green screen correctly will help you achieve great results. Green Screen videos are becoming much more popular even for the smallest video producers, you may have a YouTube channel, […]